Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm finishing up Paris Lunch by Elizabeth Bard, and have come to a part that struck me as so true that I felt the need to point this out immediately.  Here is the excerpt:
"The French have always known what I've long suspected: there is nothing sexier than watching a woman eat.  Men love this.... It's simple: Women who pick at their food hate sex.  Women who suck the meat off lobster claws, order (and finish) dessert-- these are the women who are going to rip your clothes off and come back for seconds.  I have a friend in the States who never considered herself a very good flirt, but I never worried for her, because she is a fabulous cook and an adventurous eater.  I never doubted that when the right guy came along she would devour him like a hot fudge sundae, and I was right."
Now, I do agree with this.  I think part of it has to do with the fact that women who tend to be more free with eating and not worrying about every little morsel they put in their mouths also tend to worry less about how they look while in the bedroom.  And the other part is that those of us who live life passionately, full throttle, be it cooking, art, dancing, etc., well it tends to spread across the board all throughout life.  As G always says, he takes my temper because it's also while I'm an insanely loving person and fantastically enthusiastic about everything I love, from theatre to cooking to him.

There is a phenomenal relief in being comfortable in one's skin.  To be blunt, I've never cared about if this bit or that bit was a little jiggly... if they're in my bedroom they better damn well appreciate it.  The same is applied to my food.  If I've worked hard and made it for you and you simply take it for granted... well, you won't be invited back.  I value myself and my time.  I live life passionately because any other way would seem half assed.  I'm pretty sure my husband appreciates this!

Now to ask... would you agree with the excerpt, or perhaps simply my reasoning?


  1. Well it's 'diet mode' around here in France as all the women go on draconian diets this time of year to get ready for their month long holidays in the south of France. So, I haven't seen anyone eating more than a soup or salad the past few weeks :p

    But I agree with your theory that women who eat heartily and order desserts are less uptight and self conscious, and would likely be more 'adventurous' in the bedroom. But, like all things, this is just a generalization and I'm sure there are many exceptions to the rule!

    And my French husband doesn't find it particularly sexy when I eat. This is likely due to the fact that I am a vegetarian, and there's nothing sexy about tofu and lentils no matter how enthusiastically I stuff them in my face!

  2. I agree that if they're lucky enough to see it, they better be appreciating it instead of examining every dimple and lump! As for everyone else, that's what well-fitting clothes are for: to maximize the positive and skim over what I'm not crazy about.

  3. Crystal, your comment had me laughing. It is that time of year, for sure. Perhaps we can come up with some other vegetarian meals that he'll decide are sexy? :)

  4. Have you read fojoy is annoyed today? If not, Her post ties in quite nicely with what you're writing here.

    Mr. C appreciates a woman who enjoys her food because to enjoy a good meal is to enjoy life. This is not the same as gluttony, which is disrespectful of your body, world hunger, and speaks to psychological issues you are masking with food.


    Mr. C doesn't have a problem recognizing when I need a glass of wine or a gluten-free brownie. There is healing, and sensuality, and little-kid pleasure in food.

    The quote from the book reminds me of the restaurant scene from Flashdance when Jennifer Beals is dipping the lobster in butter and eating it teasingly. If memory serves, her date was pretty anxious to get her home - in a good way!

  5. This post cracked me up when I read it. I totally pick at food that freaks me out but I don't hate sex. And I really don't like the jiggle but my husband, who doesn't pick at his food and doesn't hate sex, doesn't even see the jiggle.

    You make me laugh, Kate. :)