Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Drink To Your Health

Cranberry juice is incredibly good for your health.  Between the antioxidants and the fact that it keeps you from getting painful infections (ahem), it's wonderful.  However, for most people the idea of drinking it straight is a bit much, so they mistakenly buy cranberry juice cocktail.  The problem is that that is normally laden with sugar... which is what can cause the infections!

You can choose to go with a cranberry grape or cranberry apple blend, with NO SUGAR ADDED.  It's yummy, and fantastic.  But juice is expensive, and if you have more than one person drinking it, it can add up.  I like straight cranberry juice, but the not from concentrate kind I boy is so ridiculously expensive I have heart palpitations when I buy it.  So instead, I don't usually drink it straight.  I freeze it!
Well, actually, the first time... I tried to make cranberry popsicles, and I didn't dilute it.  Not good.  The popsicles were way too tart, and I ended up plopping it into a glass and adding water.  Voila!  Perfection!  I just kept adding water as I drank it and the popsicle melted, thereby having a cold summer drink that tasted tart, but not too tart.

Now, I don't recommend making popsicles, but instead ice cubes.  You can pop 2-3 ice cubes into a glass and add water.  Drink, then add more water, continuing until you no longer have any cranberry left.  Keeps you both hydrated and stocked up on the benefits of cranberry juice!  (This would work for the juice blends as well, cutting costs too.)


  1. Cranberry juice ice cubes; brilliant. When you can imbibe again, throw some in with a little vodka and stir. What an awesome cocktail!

  2. I am definitely going to try the ice cube!! I agree that cran juice (the real stuff) is crazy $$$ but its better than a doctor visit and medicine bill

  3. Neat idea! I'm totally doing that with my boys tomorrow. I have a super hard time getting them to drink water and the ice made with local water is disgusting. Maybe filtered water with juice cubes will be a hit

  4. Love this idea! I also buy the expensive stuff (hubby makes me the occasional cosmo with it) but can't usually finish a whole bottle in a reasonable amount of time. From now on when I open a new bottle I'll make half of it into ice cubes.