Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Today has been one of those days so in order to pull out of the doldrums and be able to fly (or something like that) I'm going to be thinking happy thoughts.
* I had Ethiopian for lunch.  I order 2 lunch specials, the vegetarian and the meat.  Because I wanted both.  Normally this would mean that I had a ton left over because I don't eat much of it, but today I ate as little of the injera (bread you use as a utensil) as possible and ended up with this:
 Why yes, I did eat all of that.  Mmm.

* It's turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon/evening and I have knitting group tonight.  I need a sanity break.

* My dogs are lovely and goofy and have been very lovey towards one another lately.  I think it might be because they've figured me out and realized that the enemy of your enemy is your friend... and the baby will most definitely be an enemy when it comes to puppy huggles and snuggles time.  My mini dachshund was so into chewing on her (actually lab sized) rubber lions that it was scooting her across the floor.  The lab seemed perplexed by this.

* I have beets in my fridge and they are calling my name for a late snack. 

* I bought the material for a baby blanket last night.  I'm a wee bit excited to give it a whirl. 

* And finally G comes home in less than 2 months and then I can put my feet up and be waited on... or at least that's what I'm hoping!


  1. Less than two months left? That's unreal. How wonderful!

  2. Ive never had Ethiopian so im very intrigued by that plate of food... mmmmm

  3. Less than two months? YAY!!!

  4. Yum! North Africans really know how to eat!