Monday, July 4, 2011

Kitty Kat

The second half of the bulimia post will hopefully be up tomorrow.  I typed it up as a document with open office because blogger was down when I was writing it and open office has not wanted to open for me. 

But I wanted to share a cute story about my niece (who is 2 1/2).  She and I skype.  She instantly blows raspberries at me, because that's been our thing since she was a baby and apparently she has no problem discerning it's me on skype.  My maman was trying to get her to say "Hi Aunt Katie."  And she did, a couple times.  And then started calling me Kitty Kat.  So, I am now Aunt Kitty Kat.  :)  Cute, right?

I was worried how I would feel about my niece once I was going to be a mama myself.  Um, still in love with her, still would take her in as my own in a heartbeat.  I just love that little girl to death.  She's a little copy cat and we blow raspberries and make faces and shake our heads to make our hair fly about.  The other night she picked up Runaway Bunny and was perplexed when I picked up my copy too!  She really is my favoritest little person and remembering how much G loves her makes me smile... he really is going to be the best daddy ever. 

I mean, what other man do you know who is excited to change diapers and has already said he'll get up at night to change the baby since I'll be getting up to do feedings?  I mean, really.  I've said it a lot lately watching other men... I really hit the jackpot with G!

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  1. Your daddy was the same way!!! He changed you kids, bathed you, etc. I hit the jackpot too and after 29 years... I'd do it all over again!!! See what you have to look forward too?

    Love you,
    Maman xoxox