Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another New Day

I love the fact that each day I get the chance to get up and start over.  This morning was a bit rushed as someone (ahem, not me) was running a bit behind.  Still, he stood over me asking if I was going to get up with him this morning again.  He's a grump in the a.m., but likes the company (and is still learning to deal with being away during the day), so up I got and heated up the last of the quiche which we enjoyed with glasses of milk.  It's becoming routine, this morning madness, with him doing things like taking the recycle out while I pack his lunch. (which, before anyone suggests it is usually made up the night before, I just have to pack it, or add things that weren't ready the night before.)

I haven't slept much yet, and will promptly be heading back to bed in an hour or so, having cleaned up the kitchen.  I can't sleep too much though because tomorrow I have to be up at 5 with him, so bed no later than 10 (which means moseying up there about 9 so he can read Miss another chapter of Charlotte's Web, which we're about halfway through). 

I'm loving us forming routines.  Yesterday we went out for coffee because it was good enough weather to sit at an outdoor cafe (it's been pouring here lately), and then gathered up things for chili for dinner.  It was delicious and a good welcome mat for Autumn.  She should feel free to start changing colors and getting less humid any time she would like as we're more than ready!  Right now things are slower moving on organizing because I'm trying to respect the fact that this transition to work seems to be harder on G.  I'm used to being here without him, but he craves that time with just the two of us, and feels drained being gone all day.  We'll work our way into it being normal again soon, I'm sure.

Am I the only one who has done this?  Balance the practical needs with those that are emotional ones as well?  It seems a dance we're learning as we accept that it feels both like he was gone for years and also never gone at all.  No matter what, though, I'm simply glad he's home as I'm becoming more and more awkward! 

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  1. He's just been through major upheavel being deployed and now settling back in at work here, and you (and he) have such a huge thing coming up that it's no wonder you both feel a little out of sorts. Congratulations for handling it so far as well as you have been.