Friday, September 30, 2011

Balance Beam

One of my favorite things to play on is a balance beam.  I'm both extremely flexible and have very good body awareness and balance, and I love to jump around on one.  (I'm a 7+ months pregnant woman who can still do the splits...or could at least as of earlier this month!)  Balance beams require focus to keep your footing, having a plan of where your hand or foot will land in order to not slip and fall.  But the most beautiful routines are the ones that are done well, but done with love and passion. 

Life is to be lived boldly.  A good life story is never told by those who lived meekly, sticking to a path of the known.  It's told by one who looks back knowing that they lived days of wild abandon.  Not always, for that is a way to get nowhere fast (and you do want to have a story don't you?), but frequently.  Learning to say yes to life and "it can wait" to minor responsibilities.  Learning to fear less what others think of you and focus more on what you have to say for yourself.
G caught me dancing a lot the other night.  I had put a huge flower on the back of my head and was a dancing fool!
These days I'm trying to remind myself of that.  Even if it's just the afternoon coffee which has become routine for us, sitting in the sunshine, before we take up things that need to be done.  Yesterday we went to Target and spent nearly $100 re-stocking up cleaning supplies.  Cleaning supplies!  But it was something that had to be done.  This weekend the yard will beckon to us, asking to be relieved of weeds grown far too crazy, and it'll be exhausting.  But we'll take moments for sweet tea and meals spent with a glass of wine.  And dancing, always a bit of dancing. 

Will you throw caution to the wind and dance with life this weekend?

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  1. I love your blog. I'm glad G is back. You two are so cute and happy. It's fun to read.

    Congrats on life! :)