Saturday, October 15, 2011

Autumn Weekend

Just a little over a month to go!
Today we got up early to head to the market, then after navigating our way through the crazy traffic of some damn marathon (that is never really warned about...G was even on the Sun's website last night with nothing on their main page about it), we drove up to the butcher to pick up our hams, bacon, brit bacon, and scrapple. 
We got a banana and nutella crepe.  Mmm!
Lunch at Samos (our favorite little Greek restaurant), and I'm tuckered out and needing a nap.  It's been a beautiful day, full of blue skies and sunshine and cooler weather.  It seems Autumn has decided to show her pretty face!

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  1. You look gorgeous. I love the way you have tied the belt above your bump. Tres chic.