Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday, That's About It

Yesterday was another midwife appointment.  Turns out that the reason I'm so egg shaped (and measuring 3 weeks further 39 weeks) is that Little Miss has decided she no longer wants to face the back and has rotated, causing her knees to jut out my front (and allow her room to shove her feet so hard into my side that I felt like an alien was trying to break through).  So now I've been assigned to do some stretches and exercises to try and spin her around to avoid back labor.

Oh, and I got told to cut out sugar and juice and carbs.  Well, other than the andes mints in our house we don't really have sugary sweets (though I'll try and cut it out of my coffee as well), I haven't drank any juice in quite a while (the apple cider has been forgotten in the fridge, I told G to drink it), and I'm not really big on carbs lately.  To be honest, all I've been eating is oranges.  But as Little Miss is already 8 1/2 lbs (estimation), they'd like me to essentially starve her until she arrives (or that's how I put it).  I just laugh, because if she's not over 9 lbs she'd be smaller than I was expecting (we just tend to have big babies, even G was 8 1/2 lbs in the early 80's). 

So we had fish and some tiny roasted potatoes for dinner because yes I understand potatoes are carbs, but they had been bought earlier and needed to be used and so I had maybe 6 marble sized potatoes.  Tonight we'll be hitting up IKEA to grab coffee (free with our family card) and walk, walk, walk.  I need to get this thing going, so walking and climbing stairs will be my life for a while.

However, I have yet to fall to pieces when it comes to style.  I do my hair, make-up and then throw on one of the maternity shirts I have (or a couple that aren't maternity but a stretch knit that fit beautifully still), dark jeans and flats.  I'm looking forward to getting to start wearing more of a variety after she arrives, but for now I deal. 

So the weekend will be finishing things up, hopefully finally putting up the tree (G's been too tired lately), and walking galore.  Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?


  1. Good luck with all the walking, and I hope your weather is better than we're having in Pittsburgh!

  2. Good for you for continuing to maintain a positive, intentional image while your body is no longer your own. The rest of us, though we try, do allow this and that to interfer with us taking care of ourselves (which includes dressing like a smart, confident woman with something important to share with the world). Well, if you can do it with someone kicking you in the stomach, then the rest of us don't really have an excuse!