Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rain Down Joy

I have a thing for bleached wood...and my husband.
Today was one of those blissful days that has me wanting the hours to slow and the minutes to fade into an oblivion where there is no substance to time.  We woke early-ish, G hit up the market, I got ready and we headed out.  We had a few errands to run, but were mainly headed down to a beach for some more maternity shots.  We stopped in to an Irish place and had black pudding and reubens before heading to the water. 
It was cold water, as I discovered when I decided bare feet sounded like a brilliant time.  It was beautiful out, perfect weather.  G shared that he's never been buried in sand or made a sand castle, which is just sad, so we'll definitely be heading to the beach next summer!
An jumping up because the water came quicker and colder than I was expecting!
Then tonight we used another groupon towards Blue Hill Tavern and had a delicious meal. G's appetizer was calamari with a cilantro peanut salad...perfectly cooked.  I ordered the seasonal special of roasted bbq quail with apple and cornbread. 
 For our mains, G had this mushroom wellington while I ordered the special of monkfish with butternut squash and apple quinoa and brussel sprouts with a red wine reduction.  Both were so, so good.  But thanks to perfect portion sizes (and me continually pushing my items on G), we made it to dessert: a pecan tart with banana ice cream and maple cream.  It was orgasmically divine.
A well done meal, relaxation, and now onto rent and watch Crazy Stupid Love.  A good day and night indeed. 

Day 12 of Thankfulness: I'm thankful for the reminder of why we choose to spend more on good food.  It makes the world seem more right.


  1. Beautiful beach...and I love the photo of you jumping up. You are quite light on your feet for a very pregnant lady!

    Cool photo of G, too. You should have that one framed.

    The big day must be coming up soon, yes? I want to send you you have the same address?

    xo, A

  2. I just did some catching up on reading your blogs from the past few weeks. Now that I don't have a computer at home I get behind cause reading them on my phone screen is difficult with it being so tiny and all! Reading your thoughts always makes me miss you, but today especially so. I can remember the first time you told me you loved Christmas when we were at NW and you had a sparkle in your eyes and in your voice when you said it. This makes me super excited for your little girl and the traditions of love she will grow up with! Love you my friend!

  3. Adrienne, Yes, I'm nimble still, which amuses G to no end (and makes him very, very nervous!). I'll e-mail you about the address!

    Tracy Leigh, Thank you! I miss you too! Christmas is such a great time to make memories, yes?