Saturday, December 31, 2011

Setting Goals

I've set huge goals for myself before with running (derailed by foot), reading (derailed by pregnancy exhaustion), etc.  It can be a bit discouraging, to be honest.  However, G and I have both decided that 2012 is the year to get a lot of things done.  For myself, it's a bit overwhelming because I'm attempting to work on all aspects of my life.  However, I'm setting simple goals to do it.

By the beginning of the new year, we're hoping to have every room except the basement near completion on organization.  This will allow us to decorate over this next year.  What it also means for me is that I'll have workspace and organized containers for projects.  I've begun a notebook of craft type projects, from sewing to painting to building, with 1-2 projects assigned every day.  As in, every single day of the year.  Should make it easy to get things done with 365 days! I've already gotten a head start, and finished up a cute framed saying for Nora's room, as well as done her hand and feet prints in some model magic that is currently drying.  And I'm prepared to begin my January second goal of creating some headbands to clip little flower and bow clips to for her. 

A huge goal for myself this year is that I want my Christmas gift to myself next year to be at a weight I am happy at, and one I feel I'm "done" at.  It's going to take a substantial weight loss, but a year should do it.  G has agreed that if I'm happy where I'm at this time next year and have been able to maintain that I can overhaul my closet with new clothes for a new body.

Complicating things is that I want to do this while maintaining no restrictions.  My eating disorder is more under control than it has been my entire time with one (which sadly is over half my life), and I don't want to screw this pattern up.  I saw a Groupon for Bon Appetit magazine the other day, ordered it, and we've agreed that at least once a month, using the magazine, we're going to cook something different.  As much as I love cooking, I feel like it's easy to get into a rut, get bored, and make crap choices, so I'm attempting to avoid that.

And finally I feel like I've become too much of an internet potato, killing far too much time online.  It's great for reading and ideas, but I need to begin to really get out and live a bit more (and G concurs that he does as well).  So we've both set the goal to visit museums more often, to maybe try and hit up some free music events, etc.  And finally both of us want to tackle reading all the unread books in our library, getting rid of the ones we don't love, and giving us something to discuss over our dinners!

To help keep me accountable I have G on my butt, with him having access both in person and digitally (thanks to some awesome iPhone apps) to my goal lists.  I'm also planning to document this journey on here as much as possible, with the exception of the weight loss.  I think that one, being so personal, might put too much pressure on me, so updates will be few and far between.  For the rest though, I'm looking forward to documenting it, maybe doing some tutorials and staying on top of these things that I feel will make for a richer, more chic life.

Do you have any goals set for this year?


  1. Hi - I have been lurking on your blog for some time but have never commented. I really admire how intentional you are about your goals and wishes. Best of luck with your 2012 plans!

  2. Just stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy New Year filled with joy. All the best.