Friday, January 6, 2012

Using Your Best

I recently read Lessons From Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott (of The Daily Connoisseur), and loved it.  I read the posts on her blog, so knew what to expect, but I love the expansion on the topics.  For the most part, the life she describes is already the one we live, with the other things being ones we're working on.

One topic is about using your best items, rather than saving them for special occasions.  From dishes to dresses you should be enjoying the beautiful things you have, rather than tucking them away in a cupboard.  I have always kind of lived this mantra.  I don't save my pearls for a special event, I wear them with jeans and a t-shirt.  I don't have any special treat I make that I would save for guests...I make those things for G as well.  And I use my china daily, which recently got commented on.

My friend called it my "wedding china" on Friday while over for coffee.  I looked at her perplexed, forgetting that I had indeed gotten the china for my wedding.  To us, it's just the dishes.  Lovely and oft used, we had made the decision when moving back to the States to get rid of our huge cereal bowls and corelle dishes because we rarely used them, choosing to use our china instead.  Once I caught on to what my friend was saying I laughed a bit, because it's true.  Whether take-out or an exquisite meal, we use our china.  And more recently we've made an attempt to really use our silver for meals as well!

I feel strongly that your best should not be reserved for guests but rather used daily for those you love.  This means everything from your manners (we all know someone who people think is much nicer than they really are because of a persona they adapt for the public) to your home items.  And more than anyone else, your best should be used for you!  Everyday is a special occasion, and you and your loved ones should be the most honored people you know!


  1. I agree whole heartedly!

  2. I wish you lived near by. I'm glad G didn't take a job here because this base is a marriage killer, but we would have been such great friends.

    I recently purchased a set of tea china. It's meant for brunch or something and is hand painted dainty, loveliness. I adore serving tea to friends in it but I also adore drinking my morning tea out of it. It makes everything feel a bit more special.

    Like you, I too enjoy wearing pretty clothing all the time. Something I've noticed though is that people here think it's really odd but have come to expect it from me. I almost feel like I *can't* go out in meh clothing because I'll run in to someone I know and they'll be shocked. haha.

  3. Amen! Life is NOT a dress-rehearsal; enjoy what you have NOW while you can.
    big hug,