Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Saturday was really busy.  To market, to market....sadly no pigs.  But we did pick up our CSA.  I got a lot of tomatoes that will finish ripening this week.  Some heirloom, all lumpy and beautiful and perfect for a sandwich. Some roma, just waiting to be made into canned tomatoes or tomato paste.  And then we picked up scallions and spaghetti squash to make some light meals this next week.  We still have beets and such from last week, so I split up my 8 items between a bunch of scallions, 4 punnets of tomatoes and 3 squash.  Heaven.
I really think she looks like my grandmother here.  I saw this and instantly missed her.
I put my fedora on her for the last bit of our walk and she was sort of perplexed as to why her daddy found this photo-worthy.
Then we strolled to our cafe and chatted with the owner and another of my knitting group.  We sat and enjoyed coffee and Nora literally bouncing all over the place.  It was good to have some planning time for the trip to France we want to take next year.  We're hoping to be able to do a week in Paris and then mosey on down to Provence and the beaches of the south of France.
Mmm, cake pops.  Our Smooshy has a sweet tooth.  But as she also eats everything else we've given her, I indulge her.
And then onto a friend's first birthday party.  An excuse to dress up pretty.  It was partially a pool party, but as Nora does not like baths nor cold water, we decided to keep her out of it for now.  We'll be attempting the beach sometime this next month.
This was before we re-made the bed.  She just passed out.
We fell exhausted into bed, having had a day full of life. 


  1. What a beautiful post of enjoying the simple things in made me smile. Then I laughed so hard when I saw the look on Nora when looking at the clown's nose, lol!!!

  2. Yes, she seemed to think perhaps we needed a mental evaluation because who on earth would put one of those on? It was the same look she gave the kids swimming, as if she was thinking, "Who on earth voluntarily gets in water?" Ha!