Monday, August 13, 2012

Life's A Beach

 Yesterday afternoon we headed to a state park in Annapolis for Nora's first beach experience. 
Beforehand we picked up a new friend, Jacques, to accompany us.  
 And stopped for coffee to fortify us.
Ruffly swimsuit.
I swear I did not coordinate this.
Life is awesome!
Nora did not like the all.
G's first sand castle!
My sand show him how it's done.
Eleanor Aug. 12, 2012
She fell asleep deep enough I transferred her to the big towel.
She wouldn't look at the camera.
We came home and grilled some Tandoor chicken that had been marinating for 24 hours.
Simple dinner (the secret being CSA tomatoes and Trader Joes frozen Indian sides).
Tuckered out.

We had a phenomenal time at the beach and were there for hours on end.  The badger balm sunscreen worked great!  We're hoping to get to the beach at least once or twice a month.  

Have you been to the beach recently?  Any fear of jellyfish (there are a ton in our area!)?

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  1. The picture with her sleeping on your chest made me laugh. All I could picture was a baby shaped tan line.