Monday, September 24, 2012

Simple Philosophy For Living

This morning I walked to this huge old church that was bought up by my community because otherwise it was getting turned into a parking lot.  Yeah, sucky.  Instead it's owned by the community and it has church services in the back and on Mondays there is a sing-a-long play group.  Music is played, art is made, and kids run about just being.

I'm finding that my philosophy about life is definitely noticeable in my parenting.  I know Nora is still young, but I hate the idea of too many structured activities.  I prefer to head off to a park or get together with friends for a play date or just let her explore our home.  I hate the way so many parents think that their family needs so many activities and to do things in a structured way where they are too busy to just live.  Not that I'm against organized activities...I'm sure we'll have Nora in dance or gymnastics.  But I hate when kids are so scheduled they don't have time to sit down to eat or just play.

We ended up at this block party thing this weekend, randomly.  And I bought this poster that about says it all.
From The Baltimore Print Studios.

Tonight we stopped at the local wine store.  We grabbed some paté, sopressata, speck and some cheese.  We snagged a bottle of prosecco and some Malbec and a 6- pack of Strongbow cider.  Add in a locally made boule and it is looking like a great night.  (The prosecco is for bubbly Friday.)  Dinner turned into salsa and chips and a bottle of Strongbow to start.  And we're working into the paté and cheese with bread.  It was just kind of a night where we grabbed what looked good for a simple meal.

Do you sometimes feel you're always "go-go-GO" and maybe need to find time to just live without a schedule?  Or are you more like me, embracing the what happens rather than trying to plan it out in detail?

What is one way that you just say screw it all and relax? :)

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