Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Weeks

My how time flies!  I keep telling G that I need to sit down and blog, but between family mini emergencies (my SIL is having a rough pregnancy) to home projects to a 9 month old who is moving everywhere and has hit the "I want mama all the time" stage I fall into bed exhausted and with a brain that can't function enough to write something worth reading.

I feel like I'm finding my pace as a mama to a moving baby and we were able to get a ton done in her nursery this weekend.  Yes, she's coming up on a year and we're getting it done slowly but surely.  I had picked up an antique crystal chandelier from Craigslist (they moved into the home, there it was and it didn't fit their life, so I gladly took it off their hands).  If ever the grey skies go away I'm going to be taking some shots of her nursery to do a post about how it all came together in such a serendipitous way.  But for now, here's a shot to tease you a bit!
I mentioned home projects and that's because the house is coming close to being done for now with decorating.  Our goal is to have every room (except the basement) done and ready to post about by the beginning of October.  Projects you can look forward to are:

• Cost breakdown of how we've splurged on some pieces while others were completely free and all the thrifted pieces in between.
• The painting of a vintage highchair and a little rocking chair.
• Gallery walls and why I love them.
• Closet organization (a.k.a. we have too many articles of clothing)

And for those of you with babies and young children:
• How to make your home look beautiful while keeping your things and baby safer.

I'm also in the middle of filming some short tutorials when there is good lighting:
• Quick fall scarf tying that looks like you did something special.
• Cooking whole trout in paper for a simple but delicious meal.

I feel very neglectful of this blog, but my last day of work was this week so I have quite a bit more free time on my hands. I've missed writing, so I'm glad to be getting back to it.


  1. Hello Kate!

    I know you've been busy, but I was wondering if you received my email? I sent it back in August. I can resend it if you didn't.


  2. Can't wait to see more pictures of this room and your other projects, too. Love what you've shown us so far.

  3. I feel the same way neglecting my blog. Love the room in the pic so far,especially the chandelier.

  4. Could you please resend your reply? Merci!

  5. You sure are super busy! But it's OK to take a step back from the blog world sometimes when we have rule world things to deal with, and you my dear, sound like you have a whole lot going on!
    That chandelier is gorgeous - great find!
    Make sure to take sometime for YOU every now and then :)