Friday, November 2, 2012

Elephants, Dinosaurs, and Milkies Oh My!

The three of us took a day trip to D.C. For those who are reading from far away (hello!), Charm City is actually not very far from D.C., so we used to go fairly often.  However, this was Nora's first trip and it went amazingly.
First she learned to ride the train.  She became determined to do whatever I was doing, so she gripped that pole for balance like a champ.
She also waved to everyone and made friends with the most random people.  Even Lucy the ape/woman.
 We hit up the Museum of Natural History.  She was delighted with everything.
Nora and George vs The Girl and her Ape.
Then we hit up the National Gallery of Art....where she noticed quite quickly that yes indeed, the sculptures had "milkies."  Milkies are what we call it when she wants to nurse.  This too delighted her.
 Her face reads, "Her milkies look cold."
Artwork of a mother nursing.
Nora nursing in public.  Oh the scandal!

Until she passed out and quickly became 18 pounds of dead weight in my arms.  The guards at the National Gallery told us she looked like an angel asleep or awake!  It was a great first trip, and we're hoping to get down there a couple times this month!


  1. Cute pics! I like the one of her looking at the statue's "milkies" the best lol.

    I'm dying to get to the museum of natural history one day. I love that kind of stuff.

    Sounds like a lovely trip with a lovely family :)

  2. I thought you husband's name was Garrett, not George?

    Love your blog!

  3. Crystal, That museum has to be one of our favorites, we go every time we're there!

    Anon, Yep, my husband's name is Garret. George is the monkey in her arms! :)