Thursday, December 13, 2012

You Are Not A Short Order Cook

*Unless you actually are....but you still should not have to be at home.

Simple enough.  Having to make separate meals for children (or picky guests) is stressful, tiring, and not helping in progressing with their food education.  


  1. Nora is adorable! Loved her tea party for one. Great video!

  2. So sweet, and great to see Nora in action! One quick question - do you puree or mush up Nora's food, or does she eat everything whole? Also, do you worry that's she's eating enough? (One reason that I'm feeding my daughter purees is that I worry she won't get enough nutrition otherwise. Finger foods end up on the floor!) She certainly looks like she eats well!

  3. Thanks Stephanie! She is a frequent tea-partier!

    Courtney, I mashed up foods when we first started her on solids but tried to avoid purees that were too thin because their lack of texture. Now, at 1 we definitely tend to do finger foods. She doesn't have any molars yet, but her gums are pretty strong as she will crunch things up. The only thing that I really still don't like dealing with for her is things like ham, steak and some poultry because it has to be processed more for her to absorb the ingredients. The thing I found works is to (and this might sound gross) chew up the meat and discreetly slip it to her. The doctors in the hospital this summer seemed to find this normal because otherwise she won't get the nutrition from it.

    I think we got lucky, it's incredibly rare for anything to end up on the floor because she usually gobbles it all up and once done ignores it. Makes going out to eat much easier, and people always seem shocked by how tidy she is!

  4. Dear Kate,

    Thanks so much for your answer. I give my daughter tastes of all sorts of things (fennel gratin today, a hit) but I'm often confused how other mothers actually GET different foods into their kids. I'm really enjoying this series!