Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Spring seems to be gently easing in and it's a beautiful thing.  Sharing the little things that have pepped me up lately.

10 minute baby is asleep in the stroller coffee date outside:

Adventures in the park:

Coffee and croissant:
Easter egg cookie:
Celtic cross hidden amongst trees:
Summer hats:
And bunny snuggles:
How is your spring shaping up?  And little things that just make you smile?


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  2. All of these photos made me happy :)

    I was actually taking Pinch for a walk yesterday, and came across a big patch of daffodils. I stood there thinking how pretty they were, and wracking my brain to remember what they are called in English! I just read your post and had an "A-HA!" moment...daffodils!! lol ('jonquilles' in French for those who are curious!)

    P.S. That Easter egg cookie looks amazing

    (sorry, had to delete first comment because I found a couple of mistakes after hitting "Publish"!)

  3. Every time I see daffodils I think about how I love spring. Then I think about how they were made of sugar in the original Willy Wonka and he drank from them like little cups then ate it. Strange, non?

    The cookie was good...though Eleanor ate most of it! It kept her content while we had coffee recently.

  4. The photo of Nora in that summer hat makes me smile. :)

  5. Michell, me too. She went from hating hats, to wanting to try them on and preen in front of a mirror.