Sunday, January 12, 2014

Style Sunday: A Little Polish

I bought a new nail color last month that I love, love, love.  Swaying slightly from my love of dark blue/purple/grey polishes, I was attracted to this one because it reminds me of a deep claret wine.  Called "In The Cable-Carpool Lane" by OPI it's a beautiful wine red, perfect for the cozy month of January (reminding me of mulled wine).
 Me typing with a sleeping E on my lap.
And for a better look.  Image from MakeupandBeautyBlog.
Taking the time to myself to soak my hands, clean up my nails, paint them and moisturize them is a delightful little luxury.  I'm hard on my hands with all the cooking and deep cleaning I've been doing, so taking the time to pamper them a bit was nice.  
And the color reminds me of the Jimmy Choo Rosalie bag in plum that I fell in love with this fall.  A nice, warmer color for the cold winter months. 

Any colors you are rocking this winter?


  1. I love this color from OPI and a fan of them but I don't remember the color names. Your hands and nails look so pretty. I would prefer my feet to be colored than my fingernails as i'm hard on my feet. I don't take enough care. So a nice pedicure at the salon is such a luxury for me.

  2. I'm really drawn to the dark polishes, too. I am most impressed with your self-maincure skills! My DIY manicure doesn't even qualify as a beauty school trainee. :-)
    That shade is gorgeous on you!