Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Closet Chic

I am in the process of cleaning out my closet. It's long overdue, as I desperately need some new clothing that fits my body better, and there is no real room in our closet. So this week I am slowly trying everything on, checking to see what fits, and if it fits whether I even still like it. I have quite a few things I can think of just off the top of my head that I am getting rid of because I know I don't like them. It's frustrating, but I have items in my closet that either because of fit or style I have never really liked them, and avoided wearing them.

So why do I have them? I feel it's because like most young adults I have gone through periods where perhaps I tried to conform and go with the trends. Some worked for me, and some obviously didn't. But there is also that other group. The group of trendy clothes that look good on you, but you really don't feel that comfortable in them. But while shopping with a friend they tell you how great you look, and you buy the item, later shoving it to the back of the closet.

I have a particular style lately that works very well for me. I no longer wear the t-shirts I acquired in college (although I keep a few for sentimental reasons). I prefer dresses, and have taken up part of my husband's side of the closet with my little collection. But even in jeans I prefer something a little polished with a whimsical or ladylike twist. I love the color black. Not only is it slimming, but I have pale skin, dark brown hair, and eyes that are commented on frequently, so I like accentuating these assets of myself. I don't wear all black, but I do wear grey's and creams. I adore purples on myself, since I love a good girly color, but pink brings out the wrong tones of my skin. A deep purple or lavender do the trick. Shades of turquoise and teal tend to look good as well. I also like a good maroon or navy. Which reminds me that I wanted to share a photo of a ring my husband bought for me while we were out this weekend. It's made of a thick wool felt, and I am thinking of getting a couple more in different colors. It seemed to add just the right touch of whimsy to a more polished outfit.

I think it's extremely chic to purge your closet, allowing only what really suits you and fits well to stay. It insures you can get up, choose an outfit, and not have to try things on to see if they look good on you. And if done correctly it means you will walk out of the house looking chic and even possibly elegant every time. Not because of what you are wearing, oh no! I believe the looking chic and elegant comes from the way you feel when you know you look good in your clothes. When I am in an outfit I love, that I know looks good on me, suddenly I find myself walking with my head held up rather than looking at the ground. I keep a good posture, and I know I come off as feeling comfortable in my skin. And what ever could be more chic than that?

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  1. I've been purging my closet a bit at a time. I just took two shopping bags of clothes to Goodwill yesterday.

    Like you, I'm restocking ONLY with items that look great on.

    It sounds so simple, but it's tough.