Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Butcher, A Baker, and a Cheese Monger

Today we headed to breakfast at the Cafe, where we devoured a basket of mini croissants, pain au chocolat, and pain au raisin.......the last was surprisingly my favorite! There was also some good french bread, and cafe au lait. Since it's England, the Christmas season has begun, and it was bustling outside. At one point we stopped to listen to a group on men in kilts playing bagpipes and drums...they were collecting for something, although I am not quite sure what.

We picked up some fresh pears at my favorite stall. Then we headed to the cheese monger I prefer and picked up some French Brie, and then a nice size chunk of Tomme de Chevre. I had read about the latter on a blog, and we decided to get some to try.....I will post pics when we do. Then we headed to the butcher to pick up some sausages, settling on pork and leek ones. With left over potatoes, I figured it would make a simple meal. We stopped in to get a campagne loaf on the way home, some Green and Black dark chocolate, and we even ate a slice of Organic Ratatouille tart while we walked the mile or so back to the car. The tart was divine, and we will be repeating the experience.

At home I fried up the sausages, adding what we had left of chicken stock from the other day, and sprinkling in a few thyme sprigs. It boiled down completely (I was winging it, and will have to watch it a bit more next time) but the sausages turned out to be very good. We drank some bordeaux, ate some brie I had sat out on crusty bread and then Garret headed to work. I, exhausted headed to bed.

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