Sunday, November 23, 2008

It Snowed!!!

It snowed yesterday! Yay! It melted before I could take any pictures, but my husband just e-mailed me from work to let me know it is supposed to snow again today! I love the crispness of snow, the soft crunch as you walk. Time to really break out all the coats and scarfs and cute little hats of mine! I hate being cold, but I have to say, I look pretty damn cute in cold weather clothing.

As a side note, my husband made my year this week. When I was filling out a survey for a friend it asked me to describe myself in one word, and I was having difficulty, because everything I came up with consisted of 2 words. So I turned to Garret and asked him, and without missing a beat he said, "Brilliant." I asked him why he said that and his response? "Because it describes both your intelligence and beauty." Aww. I really do have the most amazing husband!

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