Friday, November 28, 2008


So after doing research into the beautiful simplicity that is a Gerard Darel bag I became determined to buy one. However, being frugal and somewhat smart I decided to check on ebay first. I know I clean out my closets (including shoes and handbags) often enough so I decided someone out there might do so too. And I hit the jackpot. For less than half of half of what I would have paid brand new I got a black 24 hour Charlotte bag! And the best part is that it is in pretty much brand new condition.....she only carried it a couple times.

Now, I am a remorse soon as I buy something I regret it, worrying it was too much or I won't like it. Quite frankly I was concerned it wouldn't be big enough but told myself that if it wasn't I would upgrade to a 36 heure one. So this past week I have been waiting for it to arrive, terrified I would hate it, when the wonderful British postal worker arrived today bearing my bag.

Oh my is so soft and buttery like that I was astounded by the feel before I had even pulled it from the dust bag. I took it out, and I knew that I had found it. The simple styled, well made, soft as a baby's skin handbag I had been searching for. Handbags and shoes are my great loves, because no matter what size I am, or how big I get when we eventually decide to have kids, they will always fit me.

I'm in the middle of cooking our Thanksgiving feast, but I promise to post a pic later!

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