Monday, November 17, 2008

The Three C's of Saturday

Saturday was an amazing day at the market! I hit up my favorite stall for some leeks, which are being made into soup. We had a wonderful breakfast at Cafe Rouge, and then I wound back up there for some Soup L'Oignon (French onion soup) and sparkling water later while Garret shopped. Then he came back and had some mussels in a white wine sauce that was out of this world. The mussels were cooked perfectly, and the sauce was wonderful! So here are the 3 c's of our day:

Cafe Rouge has freshly made croissants that was a wonderful accompaniment to my cafe au lait. And the cutest part of the whole thing? They have tiny little Bonne Maman jars of strawberry jam to go with the croissant. Bonne Maman jams and confitures have been favorites of mine since college, so I was very pleasantly surprised with the minis.

Croque Madame:
Well, I knew I love a good croque monsieur. But I had never experienced a croque madame until this weekend. The wonderful French bread with a slice of ham (ever so thin but flavorful) in between and then Gruyere cheese on top.....and for this breakfast delight, a poached egg on top of that. Garret ordered it, and generously allowed me a couple bites of it's heavenly yummyness.

I had never had roasted chestnuts. I had previously had water chestnuts, which for the record I am not a fan of, so I was a little wary. But it's England, and the holiday season, and so you see them out at market time a lot. Garret and I decided to give them a go, and I found them strangely okay. He ate most of them, but I was just happy to have finally tried them. Now I need a fireplace so I can roast them over an open fire..... :)

This week I am planning on getting the house ready for Christmas. And hopefully squeezing in another market trip on Wednesday.

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