Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calm Before The Storm

This week has been my lazy week here in the U.K. Garret and I could be found lying about the house watching movies or curled up together, and when he has been asleep or working I could be found watching crap t.v., mainly reality shows. I know, it's embarassing. However, I must say it has been quite relaxing. This weekend we are being rebels and not going to his squadron Christmas party. Instead we are staying home to put up the Christmas tree (finally), drink hot cocoa, bake cookies, and listen to Christmas carols. We'll be switching from him working nights to days, so we will probably sleep a lot.

But next week will be a long work week, full of me running around trying to get things for his stocking, wrapping a few presents, and getting things together for our Christmas dinner. The week of Christmas he should have the whole week off, which normally would mean relaxing, but there are a few outings I am interested in. Then it's his birthday, and I hope possibly a trip to London for some ice skating and dinner out at La Trouvaille in Soho. La Travaille was nice when we went a couple Christmases ago, but I have read some lukewarm reviews since, so we may be looking for a different restaurant.

For now, I am enjoying being slightly lazy, staying in to drink tea and keep out of the cold-enough-to-snow-but-it-probably-won't weather. Hope everyone is enjoying the build-up to Christmas!

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