Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making Our Own Traditions

I was always the traditionalist. Turkey was what was had at Christmas dinner, and I resolutely refused when my parents wanted to do ham.....that was what we had at Easter I said. However, this year, Garret and I began thinking about how neither of us likes to do something just because it was "always done that way." It's just the two of us, and we are forming our own life, including our own traditions. Therefore, if all of the ingredients can be scrounged up today, we are having a very different kind of Christmas meal. One that includes leek and potato soup to start, then the second course will be stuffed mushrooms, followed by a salmon roast, roasted baby potatoes and onions, and sauteed green beans with lemon and shallot, with the next course consisting of a salad, then fruit, then coffee or tea. And what are we drinking with this festive dinner? We are considering drinking all champagne (the Moet is already in the refrigerator) or perhaps picking up a Chardonnay to go with dinner and popping the bubbly near the end. Either way, the champagne is getting popped, because we are planning on smoked salmon with mimosas on Christmas morning. I am also making a batch of mulled wine for Christmas day.

It's odd to think my little family of two is making our life different than how we were raised, but it suits us. We prefer seafood, although poultry is a close second, and after all the heavy foods at Thanksgiving we want something light. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) exactly as they love to, because after all......isn't this time of year about enjoying your time with your friends and family? Merry Christmas!!!

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