Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why My Husband is Better than Santa.....

Garret and I enjoyed our wonderful feast, and then headed to midnight mass. The mass was enjoyable.....I even got a hug from Santa (okay, the guy who plays Santa for the children, and he wasn't in costume.....but he does have a white beard!). Then we headed home and Garret wrapped the last present he needed to while we popped the Moet and drank a glass of champagne. He even gave me my smallest gift, some stationary and some socks with the moisturizing gel on the inside that I had been wanting. His biggest Christmas gift is still wandering around the military postal system, I'm afraid, so I offered to tell him what it was, and as he was eager I shared that I had bought him 2 leather bound books. One is a copy of A Brave New World, a book I had him read this past summer which he had enjoyed. And the other was a copy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which is one of his all time favorites. Then we headed to bed, only to be awakened by my mother at 5 a.m. thinking it was hilarious to call and wake me up early. Usually I am up at the crack of dawn for Christmas, shouting Christmas carols at the top of my lungs to wake the whole house up. This year we slept in until 11, and meandered our way downstairs to open gifts and eat our breakfast of crumpets with cream cheese and smoked salmon washed down with mimosas.

My husband is fantastic. He has a little notebook he keeps on himself nearly all the time, and he writes down things we see that he notices I seem interested in or something I offhandedly mention I might want. For several years now there has been a trio of books by Kate Spade that I would love to have; Occasions, Style, and Manners. I forgot I had said anything to him about them, so imagine my big grin when I opened the first box and there was the trio! We kept our limit to 3 gifts this year, so I opened my last one and it was a black and white Chanel box. Always a good sign, as I have recently fallen in love with Coco Mademoiselle. I assumed it was the eau de parfum we have here on base. But I was thoroughly delighted when I opened the box and it was a tiny little box. I could not tear the plastic off the box quick enough to get to my petite box of Coco Mademoiselle parfum. This was truly something I have been scouring everywhere for. But the parfum is nearly impossible to find. We found it once at a department store, but when I went back, they were out. So Garret got smart and ordered it directly from the company. I broke open the bottle (I was unsure of whether I was supposed to remove the seal or not, and in the end that seemed the easiest way, but next time I am going to attempt to not have to) and immediately dabbed a drop on my neck. The scent is intoxicating, and on my skin seems to give off an elegant sensuality. My husband has always loved my Givenchy Very Irresistable on me, but after smelling this on my recently he decided that it suited me more as my grown-up self. The Givenchy he decided was more representative of my younger care free self. I really love this scent, the way it makes me feel......and my husband loves nuzzling my neck to catch a gentle waft of it.

Garret's two smaller gifts from me were slightly practical, I must admit. His smallest gift was a toiletry case for when we travel. A faux (but real looking) leather that has some wonderful compartments and cases. His second gift is a pair of black leather gloves lined with a cappucino colored cashmere. He got so excited, talking about his hands won't be cold when he touches the steering wheel and he can wear them all the time. Normally we do stockings too, but this year we decided to get a nice box of Godiva dark chocolates to share instead. The only problem is we ate them all (except 2 pieces of plain dark chocolate) before Christmas. Oh well, the store had a ton of Godiva, and it will all be 50-75% off after Christmas, so we will just have to get more!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! My best gift this year was just having my husband home for the week, and really, that's what the season is all about. Time with loved ones.

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