Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Life Resolutions

In January, most people will be making New Year's resolutions. Well, to hell with that, I say! I want to make lifestyle resolutions, not just quick new year ones that will fade long before it reaches spring. I want to begin to make more changes that will continue throughout my life.

This past year has been an amazing oppurtunity to grow. I was able to walk away from my hold on an old love, to tell him how happy I am, and that I wanted him to be happy too. It was an ending to a chapter in my life, and by writing the final words of it, my marriage truly began to grow. I was able to finally quit the comparisons of my different lives and appreciate what I had.

I was also able to accept myself and gain strength in that. I said goodbye to a friend when our lives were no longer going down the same path. I have stood up for myself to my family (something I had never been very brave about before.) I began to really treat my body better, to learn to listen to when I am hungry and actually eat something rather than hope it passed.

This next year I hope will be even better than the last. I know so many people say that, but it is a sincere goal of mine to actively make this year better than 2008. In 2 days I leave to go on a wonderful cruise. It will be hard to be away from Garret, since we haven't spent a 24 hour period apart since I moved to England, but he is being cute as always and planning on teaching himself to cook a meal to make for me when I get back. And 2009 will mean time to move, something I am both dreading (because I hate packing 2 months in advance) and looking forward to as it will highlight the beginning of a new adventure. We have a few others things planned for this year that will hopefully mean many more chapters in our life.

I hope everyone is enjoying the clean slate that a new year represents. A time to sit down in front of a mirror and accept the person you see. A time to celebrate with champagne. Happy New Year!

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