Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Wasn't Gonna Eat It, I Was Just Gonna Taste It...

Well, until I can give you the whole pot of honey, here's a tasty smackeral of the beginning of my trip. My friend is supposed to be trying to remember to bring the photos to my husband at work tomorrow. We will wait and see.

First, here I am on the ship in Barcelona. We figured we would drop our things off and go out to sight see, but oh no. Several glasses of champagne later and all we wanted was food and a nap. Barcelona is in the background, we ended up with more pics later (when we got back) but I don't have them yet.

This is me during our safety info/drill thing. I was exhausted, and eventually laid my head down on the table (we were in one of the restaurants) and fell asleep. We woke up long enough to go back to the room, drop the life vests off, and then go to dinner.

This is what I saw when I looked outside on day 3. We were off the coast of Italy, and it was amazing.

This was the view from the window as we ate breakfast while we slid into port.

This was a fountain on our way to the train station in Civitavecchia. If we had known we would be waiting over an hour for the train we would have explored more.

And lastly, before we show off the beauty that was Rome, my friend Nansi begged me to take a photo of a fellow traveler. Nansi and I have very different taste in clothing (we each strongly dislike almost all of the other's taste in clothes) however we agreed: faux leopard fur boots, tight black leggings, and a bronze-ish purse just didn't work. And to top it all off, her hat was a mixture of those too I believe. Sorry for the crooked angle, but I didn't think, "Wow, I think your outfit it over the top hideous!" would work to get her to pose, so I snapped without looking. And strangely I like the shot, because it shows off the shoes (which were the main highlight to our shock) while hiding her identity.....just because I think you have crap taste in clothing does not mean I will humiliate you internationally. And I also like the lighting and the train tracks.

Hopefully I will get the new pics tomorrow.....let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? I think I have all of Rome, so if I don't get the rest I will continue to persevere and post more. If through the photo display process you like one of the photos, please ask before copying. Thanks!

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