Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leaving on A Jet Plane

I head to the airport in about an hour!

I set up sitemeter to see if anyone even reads this, and apparantly quite a few people do. So for those of you I know (at least on here) and those I don't know yet, please leave some comments for me while I am gone (perhaps links to your own blogs?). Perhaps share how you found my little blog.

In fact to help anyone along, let me ask: Does anyone know of any good home remedies or beauty treatments? Here in England the air is so dry it literally makes my skin crack, and I have tried many things. So if you have any suggestions....please, any help would be thoroughly appreciated!

I'll write more in 2 weeks, with hopefully a whole ton of great photos!


  1. Hi! I have no idea how I found your blog. Maybe the French Chic yahoo group?

    Anyway, for dry skin, jojoba oil is great.

  2. Hi!
    Found your blog through french chic...
    As for the home remedies: I love how my skin feels after I have left a layer of honey on my face - and rinsed it, of course. It is very hydrating.
    My sister swears by a thin layer of olive oil on your body, esp legs, after a bath or shower.

  3. Hope the vacation is fun!!!

    Found your blog through the French Chic yahoo group.

  4. Hi there! Also found you through French Chic! I can recommend rosehip seed oil - I put it on at night after cleansing. There are several online sources in the UK, but make sure you get 'rosa mosqueta' from Chile. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.