Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Navy Is Irritating Me

Well, this will be a rant, fair warning.

I used to love Old Navy. I used to drop 200-300 everytime I shopped there. This last purchase was no different......between Old Navy and Gap I dropped 350 dollars.....or so I thought. Nine out of the 16 items I ordered were cancelled.....they ran out, but weren't really good of keeping track of it. Now, I am a military wife overseas. We don't have the option of going into a store and trying things on and buying them. Instead, online is my only option. When 3 out of the 4 items from Gap and 6 out of 12 items from Old Navy get cancelled I am gonna be a bit pissed. I understand sale items, but several items were new ones. If you can't keep better inventory, you need to rethink being such a large company.

The items that are being sent will be the last ones I buy from there for awhile. The best they could do for me was offer 10% off my next order......which I feel slightly uneasy about since as it stands now, there system is the same and what good will another cancelled order do me? I will be taking my business elsewhere. I have had issues with their ordering process before, but was buying some basic cheap staples for the summer. When over half of my order got cancelled I decided that's it, I will find another company who values me as a customer.

Just warning everyone, if you are an old navy or gap or banana republic fan, I wouldn't order anything for now. Apparantly I was not the first in a long line of people to complain about this recently, and they are notified and trying to figure out how to fix it. If you really must have an item, check the least the people there can call another store to check if it actually physically exists. Me? I'm screwed.

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