Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am currently mildly obsessed with a couple new accessories. Skinny Belts. I mean, yes, I might be a little late on the bandwagon, but boy have I hopped on! I've been reading a ton of blogs lately, and I realized I liked the look of skinny belts around a waist a lot. But I have always thought that it tends to not be a good look for me. However, after finding a nice brown leather one with a croc pattern at a local charity shop for 1 pound (about $1.50) I gave it a go. As I am slimming down I am really starting to like my waist emphasizes my curvyness ( I have somewhat of an hourglass shape), and a belt there seems to help it. Currently I am in a long grey tank top with a brick red cardigan over it, nothing too fancy as I don't have any plans to leave the house today. But I grabbed another skinny belt I bought this week that is braided black leather, and instantly I feel more put together. Rather than put it over the cardigan (which I am still trying to figure out how to make it tends to gather the cardigan up awkwardly) I put it over the tank with the cardigan over that.

Okay, enough of me rambling about it.....what do you think? (Please excuse the no make-up/hair tossed up I said, it's a home day) Like it? Suggestions? Does anyone else have a love for belts worn over clothes?

Also, the tracker I have on here has shown a lot of activity lately. Please leave some comments and let me know who you all are. And if you have your own blogs I would love to read them!


  1. Hi! I'm one of those regular visitors who never leaves a comment!


    (I like your crunchy blog, too!)

  2. Hi, another lurker here! I found your blog through the French Chic website. I'm enjoying reading - we are a military family too (Canadian), posted to Budapest. I'm quite a bit older than you, with kids (teenagers) and all, but I like reading about your journey. Keep up the good work! Patricia

  3. I love that look! I can't do belts like that...the "girls out front" are a little too "out there" and it just cuts me off all wrong. But I totally think that is a good look for you. Oh and the cardigan over that...looks really cute too.