Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Things

The last few posts have been either so serious or dreary.  Well bah to that I say!  Have I mentioned the weather has been phenomenal today?  Sun was out with lots of clouds, so it got a bit chilly, but decent enough weather that we could walk to do errands (since our car won't start, this is a major blessing).  So today I decided to get out some cute summer flats for our walk.

(I was stalking G outside, taking pics without him knowing and here he is laughing when he finally saw me!)

Also, the nights have been just as fantastic with a bright moon that you can see the earth's shadow on.  Hopefully G and I can take a walk when he wakes up and then come back and curl up with hot cocoa or tea.  I have to say that if you are looking for a good hot cocoa, the Godiva dark chocolate is amazing......chock full of chocolate-ness! And we found out yesterday that the mix of half 2 percent milk and half fat free was delicious.  

On a random note Sophie has been stalking our bed lately, walking all around, looking hopeful at jumping up, which because of her ability to turn anything paler than her deep black fur into a fur blanket hasn't been allowed.  Well the night before last I dragged our blanket from the living room upstairs (it's a deep chocolate brown) and threw it over the bed so she could curl up and sleep with me.  Well she started out there, but if I wasn't willing to pet her all night then she decided it wasn't worth her time.  How's that for a spoiled puppy?

Here's a cute pic of her that I took a week or so ago when she was asleep.  And another of her outside with her big stick she likes to run around with.  Isn't she the cutest thing ever?  

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