Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunny Day

The weather has continued to stay absolutely beautiful!  Garret and I had our car towed this morning to get repairs.  Then we woke up and I made pancakes, which we ate with maple syrup and bananas.  Possibly the best combo ever.  And G told me that he always thought pancakes like mine were only on sitcoms, that they looked so perfect.....he even took a pic!  Does anyone know how to make pancakes in a skillet that isn't non-stick?  We're looking to get rid of our teflon pan and I have a bunch of stainless steel, and will eventually have a really nice cast iron pan.  If you can help, please e-mail me or leave a comment!

Because the weather has been so lovely, we were able to run errands (to the bank, the car place, the post office, and the grocery store) on foot, meandering, and even eating the strawberry frozen fruit bars on the way home.  It's been so nice outside lately that Garret doesn't bother with a jacket, and even though I wore one, it was lightweight and got a little warm.  We also got to go next door and see our youngest neighbor (who is 3 months old).  Everytime I see G hold a baby my heart just swells up.  He is going to be such an amazing dad someday!  Here's a pic of G from about a week ago holding him.  

We are getting so excited, as May gets closer and closer.  That's when we celebrate our 2 year anniversary, my 25th birthday, and hopefully early in the month we will find out where we are heading next.  Right now we are really hoping for Ohio.  He has a co-worker he previously worked with who said it's a great base.  We like the housing there (both the market and the styles of homes).  Both G and I really love old homes with fireplaces and wood floors.  I love the classic feel to homes that have history.  And it would be only 9 hours away from our families, so much easier a drive to go home for visits.  (Also, we've somehow convinced our families to help us with painting a house and whatnot, so the closer the better for them too!)

I've spent the past couple of months looking at color schemes for rooms, furniture that would suit us, and little details that will make a house our home.  I cannot wait until we move and get everything the way we want so we can share ideas of things we did ourselves and of course tons of photos.  I've been bookmarking pages n DIY projects, because we want to try and do a lot ourselves, both to save money and because we are really into building things, making things with our own hands.  I would really love an old Duncan Phyfe-esque couch to recover and make part of the formal living area.  

I've done a lot of thinking about style lately.  I love old things, whether it's furniture, music, or clothing. But I also do like some modern style when it comes to decorating.  I'm doing a lot of research on how to mesh the two.  For instance getting a Duncan Phyfe sofa recovered in a blue-grey velvet would allow it to mesh well with browns, silvers, basically a ton of colors and styles.  I love neutrals with patterns thrown into the mix.  One of the homes we are looking at in Ohio has a lot of old dark woodwork, so the walls and the rooms we would want to be light and open to contrast (because no way in hell would I be painting over all the beautiful 1920's woodwork).  

So much things coming up in the future, and with beautiful weather we are enjoying being outside to sit and plan the next few months.  And tonight I am cooking a simple but nice dinner for us.  Tilapia, with roasted baby potatoes (I got the tiniest ones I could find so I can roast them whole), with a lamb's lettuce salad and a glass of wine.  G has never had tilapia, so I will have to let you all know how it goes! 

Does anyone have any suggestions for this blog?  Maybe there is something you've wondered about?  Feel free to e-mail me any time.  And if you know where to find a simple but nice pattern for an apron, please let me know!  I am wanting to make a few sweet ones to wear while baking.  We already have a butcher's stripe one for Garret and a patriotic one I got for my birthday last year.  I'm planning on utilizing my mother's sewing machine when we go home in August so that I can make a few for our new home.  Thanks for any help anyone can give!


  1. Hi --

    I couldn't help but notice that you're thinking of getting rid of your Teflon pans. I'm a representative of DuPont and just want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a good decision -- there's so much inaccurate information out there. Telfon contributes to a healthy lifestyle, because you use less fats and oils, according to the American Heart Association. I'd be glad to share some good recipes for Teflon pans with you too if you want. Cheers, Ross

  2. Ross,

    I just looked up DuPont (sorry had never heard of them, I suck at remembering brand names). A lot of questionable information about teflon. Sure I would love some recipes to try!

    Also, if your company would like to send me a pan or 2 to test out and review here, I would be more than happy to do so. I do like that teflon uses less fats.