Thursday, March 12, 2009

If You Can't Take the Heat...

You should probably not eat salsa by the spoonful!

I love salsa, the spicier the better.  But it's been a while since I had some with any heat.  And last night G and I decided to make burritos.  We took chicken breast and mixed it with taco seasoning.  And I made homemade salsa with tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, and cilantro.  And I proceeded to eat it with a spoon.  And then added a ton of it to my burrito.  And then ate some with tortilla chips.  And finally proceeded to feel as if my stomach and esophagus were on fire and felt like crap all the way until tonight, when I decided to play it safe and eat less salsa.  

This morning G and I made some cinnamon rolls (it takes hours, because the dough has to rise twice and for some reason this dough take upwards of 2 hours to rise each time, so all in all you are talking about a 5 hour process, but they are the best cinnamon rolls on the planet!).  And even the cinnamon rolls smelling so wonderful couldn't get me to eat one.  But Garret sure enjoyed them!  

This is the mixture of light and brown sugars I used last night to fill the cinnamon rolls....mmm!

So not much to report about the past couple of days.  Wednesday it was too grey and icky to go to the market, until late afternoon, when the market is finishing up.  We've been drinking copious amounts of tea, trying to stay awake (switching to nights is always hard for a week, we usually sleep far more than you are supposed to).  And now I am working on spring cleaning, which is never fun.

I am finishing up cleaning out my closets and donating the clothes.  I am hoping to clean the carpets early next week (I already deodorized them with baking soda tonight).  But I want to scrub the floors and start boxing up all our books soon.  Maybe preparing to leave will help us figure out where we are going quicker?  My most OCD moment comes when I feel the need to make documents with lists of our possession (unfortunately we know people who have had things stolen by the movers, which you can file a claim for).  I make lists on the computer (which will come with us on the plane) of all of our movies, books, even special dishes so if they get broken beyond recognition I know what I need to file for.  

Does anyone have any good tips for moving or unpacking?  We will be (hopefully) taking a 2-3 week vacation to go home and see friends and family between leaving here and moving into our new residence, so we will be moving our things about a month ahead of time (it takes 6-8 weeks to get from here to there) so hopefully our things will be waiting for us when we get there.  The best news we've gotten so far is that we should be able to pay and have Sophie fly on the same plane with us as cargo, so she won't be away from us except for the 9 hour flight.  I think she will be a bit pissed at us (a.k.a. terrified, she freaks out in situations where she is with strangers without us) but she should be fine once we land.  We'll be headed to my parents home, and she'll get to play with the other dogs and get loved lots.  But anyways, any advice is welcome!


  1. Good luck with the move! In the past, when traveling with dogs, I've obtained a mild sedative from the vet (and I've traveled with terriers, who are highly strung any way). It got them through the flight, if not joyfully, more calmly. Hope all goes smoothly - sounds as if you've got all bases covered.

  2. I can't imagine a cross continent move. I hope it all goes well. It sounds like you have an organized plan. Maybe you could go through and get rid of things you don't need so you don't have to move it? Kind of like a house declutter session. I haven't moved in 15 years so I'm pretty clueless in the moving advise :)

  3. I love moving for the de-cluttering element too. I see it as a real chance to stream-line my possessions - clothes, books, DVDs even cooking utensils! I look at everything (or try it on) and work out when I last used or wore it - or even really thought about it! Often, I think I wouldn't miss alot of my things were they to go.....

    I can't offer any advice on travelling with pets, but I am glad your dog will be in the same plane as you. That has to make it easier for her and for you all at either end of the flights.