Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Checking In

We successfully switched to nights.  I have been keeping myself awake by watching t.v.  Tonight's show was the Real Housewives of New York.  I thought about reading my book, but know if I start I will fall asleep.  Cannot quit yawning!  

Earlier I broke one of the 2 crystal wine glasses we got for our wedding.  We have more than 2 of the goblets and the water glasses, but with the wine glasses that we just used the other night we only had 2.  Now the other one is sad.  And I'm sad because I am not sure I like the pattern anymore, so I am not too upset it's broken, except it was a gift for our wedding.  And I shattered it.  Shit.  

I tend to ramble when I am tired, and I can see this post will be no different.  It's beginning to resemble my e-mails to Garret when he's at work and I am half asleep.  Oh well.

Five more months and I get to fly home and pick up my little puppy and give her lots of snuggles.  I am not sure how happy she is going to be that we have another dog (she's jealous that way) but I figure we will spoil her into being happy.  She cracks me up, because she hated any man I ever brought around, until I started dating Garret.  Then the little brat stepped on my face to get to him one early morning and I realized that I may be her mommy, but she is most definitely a daddy's girl.  

I am in the middle of reading The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris (who wrote Chocolat).  This continues the story from Chocolat and so far so good.  I plan on doing a nice little review of it once I have finished, so keep an eye out for that!

And finally I am just hoping the weather is nice later today.  I think Garret and I will be going to the market and letting Sophie run around and finally meet the ducks up close at the Abbey.  The weather here has been iffy lately, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I love days with my little family, and lately they have been fewer and further between.  

And thanks J for the compliment about the headband.  I am trying it out, and it's a pain because apparently I have an odd head shape (or the manufacturer's think people should have some sort of shelf on the back of their head to keep the elastic in place) because it's elasticized and I have to pin it in my hair.  But G loves is, and I have gotten compliments on it, so I am going to persevere.  I also have one that is bigger and has mother of pearl pieces on it, so it will be a bit easier to show in pics.  

I have really enjoyed all the comments lately.....keep them coming!  It's nice to know people are liking the blog.  If you have any questions or something you want me to write about let me know!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting! You would have so much fun living in the French Quarter if you decide to come here. A visit would be just as fun! I didn't know there was a continuation of Chocolat, I'm going to have to check that out. Thanks for posting about it.


  2. WAKE UP!! (did that help at all?? ;))

    I am so sorry about the glasses.....having an odd one is annoying and being a wedding gift would have meant it probably had special memories attached. But I am glad you are ambivalent on the pattern. It would have been heartbreaking to read you adored the pattern and couldn't get another one to replace it!

    My book Chocolat arrived yesterday - I'm looking forward to a day of reading this weekend - followed by re-watching the movie and trying that chocolate/chilli receipe!

    Take care, and enjoy your fairyland cocoon while the rest of the world sleeps!