Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Weariness

What a long weekend this has been, but not in a great way.  G and I are switching to nights, so it involves trying to reset your schedule to work 12 hours ahead of where you are used to it being.  Not incredibly fun.

However, I do have an amazing husband who Friday night, when I was simply too tired to do dinner, went to the store to get things to make.  He came home and told me he was making salmon and roasted asparagus but that I needed to stay where I was, not go in the kitchen, and not ask any questions.  Later on I told him I needed to come downstairs to plug the computer in so he closed the kitchen door and told me to stay away.  Then, finally, no longer able to stand it, he came into our living room holding a candle and a little tiny vase with a tulip and led me into the kitchen where on the table was a beautiful bouquet of purple and yellow tulips and our candelabra all lit.  He even had bought white wine and had it chilling in the fridge.  We normally drink white, but he said he thought it would go well with the salmon and asparagus.  I was highly impressed.  I ended up helping him check the asparagus, but it was all very sweet.  When we were eating dinner and having lovely conversation revolving around what an amazing job he did, I asked why he chose yellow and purple tulips.  His response was the cutest thing ever!-----because they are on the opposite sides of the color wheel and go together, I learned that in elementary school.  So he was basically set for me adoring him all night.  

Here is G stretched out on the couch.  I told him he looked like one of those guys watching "the game" (football, baseball, basketball, whatever) with a beer on their belly.  My husband?  He had white wine and we were watching America's Next Top Model.....the season just started and unfortunately my husband picked up my addiction when we got married.....he says he loves seeing how catty women can be!  (In defense of his manhood, his favorite sport is hockey where even when there is blood, there is usually no fights in the world!)

Saturday we wanted to go to the market, but the weather was kinda crap and we thought about it and realized that we didn't need anything from there.  So instead we lazed about the house, and then got dressed up for mass.  I got to take communion, which was surprisingly very overwhelming.  I don't know what to say, except it had me thinking about what a huge thing it is that we are planning on being involved in the church together.  

Then we went home, and I decided soup was in order and threw together the same soup I came up with previously (chicken breast, potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, and celery) and decided to also saute some portobello mushrooms in butter and added them to the soup too.  By using all one pot, the mushroom bits that stayed in after sauteing colored the broth wonderfully and added such an amazing taste.....we will definitely be making this again!  We watched Ghost Whisperer (I am so hoping Jim figures out who he is, yes, I watch a few t.v. shows with a little too much involvement).  Basically we have been trying to enjoy our time together.  I downloaded a bunch of Marc Broussard songs and we danced all over the house to him.  We danced to him while getting ready for church, we danced in the living room, we danced in the kitchen while I cooked.  

Here I am, cooking, so my hair was pulled back, but I kept the cute headband from Anthropologie in!  I looked like a "Grecian goddess", or so my husband thought!

Then today, Sunday, we woke up at 5:30 p.m., and laid in bed snuggling and chitchatting for a couple hours.  Finally we got up and decided to eat some soup.  We also sat down and watched Twilight today (better than I expected, I was pleasantly surprised, or maybe it's my adoration for the character Edward----I think G is jealous).  

So, really we have been quite lazy, I must admit, but in a nice way.  This will be a long week (60 hours) with G gone and me trying to stay awake all night.  I think I will probably read a lot (and maybe review some books on here).  But it will be nice to know that Garret and I are on track to making sure the time we do have is good for us.

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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! I didn't know that about colour wheels and matching - I will make a note for next time I am in the florist shop choosing bunches. The headband looks lovely - that style suits you!