Sunday, March 8, 2009


We go to mass on Saturday nights, so the most exciting thing about Sundays?  Big Love airs.  Seriously, if I am allowed a slightly un-chic t.v. obsessed moment I need to just rave about this show.  I love it.  I even (jokingly) tried to convince G to get me a second wife, so she could help with the house.  

Now, for those of you in the world who do not know what this show is, one word: polygamy.  It centers on one family, the Henricksons:  Bill and his 3 wives Barb, Nikki, and Margene.  I have to say I love them all for their own storylines, but I think Margene is the best---she's just too adorable!  It actually shows a healthy polygamist marriage.  Well, as healthy as any marriage can be, I suppose.

Now, as a Catholic, obviously we won't be adding a second or third wife.  Even if I wanted one around (which I don't, I get quite jealous) G swears that he doesn't want one ever, that I am the only wife he wants (I think he might be implying that I am a handful while trying to disguise it with looks of adoration).  And obviously compounds, where a lot of polygamist groups seem to be have been shown to be backwards, abusive, demeaning to women, and just plain wrong.  I don't think anyone should be forced into a marriage, and I don't think girls at 16 should be getting married (hell, I don't think that "women" of 18-19 should be getting married either, if you cannot celebrate legally with champagne, then perhaps you shouldn't get married-----sneaking liquor at your own wedding seems so tacky... and at that age you really don't know yourself well enough or have enough life experiences).  However, I do feel that if some woman wants to become a second wife in a marriage (and in these cases, they don't legally wed, it's more ceremonial) and have no legal rights in the marriage, then that's her business.  Basically it seems nothing worse than the husband having a mistress that the wife knows about, loves, and she generally lives with them.  I am not going to tell you your lifestyle is wrong, as long as all parties involved are consenting.  

So yes, I am obsessed with the show, and while it airs on Sundays, it doesn't post online until Monday so I am antsy already.  If you haven't seen the show, please, search it out.  Everyone I have recommended it to loves it (my neighbor calls to discuss it with me!) because it is delicious!  And for those of you who may decide to give it a shot, I won't spoil anything, but after last week I am dying to see this week's episode.  Seriously, the season is almost over, and I am trying to not think about that.

Oh, pics and whatnot from this weekend will be posted later.  We have been switching to nights this weekend, so it's 7:25 p.m., we've been up for 2 hours and we need to eat something.  


  1. I heart Big Love and this season is the best so far. LOVE it. The writing and the characters are fantastic.

  2. It really is! My husband and I have discussed how with a lot of shows the first couple of seasons are great, then it starts to go downhill, but with this show, each season has been better than the last, and the first was fantastic!