Friday, March 6, 2009

No Longer Living In Sin

Well, according to the Roman Catholic church if you get married outside of the church (even having the very nice protestant church wedding we did) it is not recognized by the Catholic church as a sacramental marriage.  Basically, here's how it works, the Catholic church has sacraments (for example, baptism, communion, confirmation)---all 3 Garret is needing, but he cannot get without our marriage being recognized as one.  And I couldn't take part in communion.  

So last night during RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) we had a very quick discussion, and then the whole class watched the priest have us say our vows again, get our marriage and our wedding rings blessed (which we exchanged again), and then we ate the cake I made. 

Well, G and I didn't eat any cake, because we were headed off to Strada to celebrate.  We didn't end up drinking any champagne (I was very tired, and knew it would only knock me out).  But we did have an amazing dinner.  Garret and I shared ciabatta bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and then we shared a plate of antipasto (meats, fresh buffalo mozzarella, olives, fresh basil).  Then G had calves liver (for the first time) that was pan seared with potato puree, fresh green beans, and crispy pancetta.  It was delicious!  I decided to venture out and get something different too, pasta with porcini mushrooms, ricotta, grana padano in a sage butter sauce.  I forgot to take pics, but boy was everything delicious!  We decided with cake at home to skip dessert and order some espresso and cappuccino.  

Here are some pics of our evening:

Waiting for everyone to fill out some forms we were doing for class, and then off to the chapel where the host is kept.  Garret looked quite handsome (if I do say so myself), and my outfit was the perfect mix of sweet and comfy.  I wore the same pearl necklace (a gift from Garret when we were's a beautiful set).  I also put my hair back with the same hairpins (they are jeweled) that I wore in our real stylist (and close friend) made us promise that G would take them out that night because she said it was bad luck for me to do it last night G freaked out when I joked that since it wasn't our real wedding that I would just take them out.  

Before the ceremony began.....we were a little goofy.  

Exchanging rings, saying vows.  And how nice of Father Max to wear an outfit that coordinated with my dress!  (We didn't plan any of that!)

This was the first smooch (we might have gone on a bit) and we didn't want to appear vulgar.

The simple little cake I made.  I was told it was very good (F.Max said it was very moist) and even someone who gave up sweets for Lent justified eating a piece saying it was to help us celebrate! I hand rolled the pearls at the bottom to add some cuteness.

At the restaurant before our meal.  I didn't end up with enough time to curl my hair (we were half an hour late, Garret got off work a bit later than expected and we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get ready!)

We were there until right before closing, so we were able to get some shots of the interior after everyone left (it was pretty full when we got there).  The walls in this pic are covered in bamboo blinds and have lights behind the seats shooting up at them.  

This is my favorite drum light in the whole wide world.  Trying to hunt one's the size of a small dinner table!

This is the mirror and light above the cash register/service area.  The lighting in this place makes everyone look fantastic.....good thing they provide mirrors to admire ourselves!


  1. Congratulations! Glad everything went off ok, you both look very happy.

  2. Congrats! I still think you should have had a webcam. Pics are great.

  3. What a gorgeous dress! I just love the silk and lace. The two of you look so happy, it's lovely to see.


  4. Thanks everyone for all the congrats! We had a blast, and now everyone keeps calling us the newlyweds!