Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Wedding" Day To Do List

Oh Boy! Seriously, I am hopped up on tea! I decided my nice little tea cups would not cut it today and broke out a mug I bought in Seattle a few years's kinda cheesy cute, but it's bright and colorful and that's what I need today! Please excuse the no make-up looking half dead look......I didn't get much sleep (I am always a bundle of nerves before any event) and I am in the process of baking!

So on my To Do List for today:

1. Eat something--- I have a tendency to get all busy and nervous and forget to eat, or I worry about eating something and it not sitting right and feel icky all day.
2. Bake Cake--- I have already made a batch of buttercream frosting (with a whole cup of butter in it!), and the butter for the cake is sitting in the bowl waiting to be beaten and mixed. I even ran next door to Julie's and borrowed her cake plate with a dome lid. I have several cake plates (including a vintage one that was given to me by an old teacher when I won her cake at the dessert auction!) but none with lids.
3. Curl hair---G likes it when it's all sexy/romantic and curled, so I have got to do that.
4. Iron clothes
5. Clean Kitchen--- After baking today it will need it.
6. Breathe, and remember, we are already married, this is just a formality, and it's going to be fun!

At the suggestion of a new friend, Garret and I discussed breaking Lent for this special night and going out to dinner. We agreed it sounded nice, and looked around. We decided to go to Strada, because although it's a chain, it's a good chain. The food is delicious (a lot of it is shipped in from Italy daily), the service is wonderful, and the mood is romantic. They decorate in what I consider warm modern (modern lines but warm browns, taupes, reds) and at night they dim the lights and have candles in the windows and on the tables. So thanks, J, for suggesting dinner!

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