Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling Better

So my eye is feeling much better this afternoon.  I was able to switch my contacts out, and even do some reading.  So I thought perhaps I would try a regular post.  I am in need of advice, so all the readers who never comment, this is your time!

G and I do not have cell phones over here in the UK.  It was quite the shocker, because I used to be attached to my cell like no one's business back in the US.  G would call me on my cell during my lunch hours so that I could chat with him around his dinner time.  My best friends and I all were on the same T-mobile network so we talked for free.  And my mother had some thing set up where I had unlimited texting which was amazing when I was out and about planning the wedding.  But over here we realized it would be pointless.  We don't have a bunch of close friends over here who I would need to get ahold of at all times.  We do have an old beat up pre-paid (I think we are like the 3rd or 4th owners, it's pretty ghetto) that we keep with us on long trips because it's free to call emergency numbers if we were stranded or in an accident, and it's free for people to call in, so if someone here really needs to get ahold of us they can.  Other than that, I admit I have enjoyed not being so damn accessible.


But when we move back to the US in a few months we are planning on getting cell phones but not getting a home phone.  It seems easier and more cost effective.  And if we go with T-mobile again he and I will be able to call each other for free, both of our families use T-mobile, as well as most of my friends.  So basically we will save quite a bit by having a phone plan with lesser minutes, because we will only get charged for ones that are not t-mobile numbers.  


My thing now is, what kind of phone will I be getting?  So dear readers, I need to know what you have and whether or not you would recommend it.  Would I be best to go with either an iPhone or a Blackberry (crackberry, I know some addicts)?  Or have you found them not as useful as you would have thought?  Would I be fine just going with a regular cell and texting a lot?  I am interested in the web capabilities of some phones, because it would allow me to keep in contact with G through e-mail when he's at work and I am out and about.  But at the same time, I worry it would end up being a waste of money.  I mean, I'm a housewife so no strong need to be heavily accessible, although I could get addicted to checking my mail and whatnot.  I might even take up twitter.  Do any of you twitter?  Love it?  Hate it?  Please leave some comments and help me out!  

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