Monday, April 6, 2009

Eye Hell

My left eye has been useless pretty much all of today.  I am pretty certain that I scratched my cornea.  It happened before (although last time it happened it was both eyes and it lasted a couple days with me terrified I was going to end up blind).  This time it's not quite as bad, but it's painful.  The skin around my eye is raw from it watering so much.  And the watering causes my eye to sting and be pretty useless.  Focusing on things has been hard, and it's only now, after midnight, that I feel okay to do this post.  

So I am hoping tomorrow it's better!  I realized today how bored I get when this happens.  I can't look at the computer (lights hurt, and even dimmed, my photosensitive eyes cannot take all the white on the screen), cannot read, can't really lie down (I found walking around without focusing on anything seemed to keep my eye from watering the best), and sleep took a while, but it was the only thing that seemed to work when my eye was at it's worst.  

Tomorrow is G's last day of work for an entire week!  He and I will be pretty busy thought, since there are Holy Thursday services, then Good Friday, then his baptism, confirmation and first communion on Saturday and then Easter Sunday.  It's making my head hurt just thinking about all of it!  I think for the second year in a row we are going to do a simplified Easter meal since it's just the two of us.  Last year we literally stayed in bed all day Easter, reading and watching movies and just cuddling, so if we even get out of bed this year it will be an improvement (or maybe not quite as good, we did enjoy being that lazy).  G has just informed me (he reads over my shoulder as I type) that we did get out of bed briefly to have a snowball fight on Easter.  But this year it's been unusually warm so I think that won't be in the schedule.  

Hope everyone's week is going well.  Mondays can be a bummer.  

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  1. I hope your eye feels better soon!
    (It probably has by now.....I am belatedly catching up on some of your posts!)

    I always think there is nothing worse that eye trouble, specifically scratching the eye or cornea. It hurts to have the eye open, it hurts to have it closed! You can't see things...... Usually when you are sick you can curl up in bed and sleep the illness/headache away, or in front of tv with dry toast and flat lemonade watching the trashy midday tv that is soooo good when you are sick! But with a scratched eye you can't do any of these things! It is horrible.

    I hope you are better now!!!!