Sunday, April 5, 2009

This Is How You Do A Weekend

G and I went to the market yesterday and picked up some yummy yummy brie, and also about 12 dollars worth of sundried tomatoes.  I only mention the cost to describe how much we bought....enough to last us for quite a while.  Then last night G grilled some chicken and we ate it with some lamb's lettuce, sundried tomatoes and goat's cheese. It was delicious!

Today was Palm Sunday.  So after staying up late last night (early morning) we dragged ourselves out of bed and got ready for mass.  It was actually a nice service, but we swear we sat on the wrong side of the church, we were literally surrounded by children and babies (is God trying to tell us something?).  Sharing our pew was a family with, count them, five children!  Wow!  I know it's only one more than my family, and technically G has 4 siblings (although he's his parents only child), and yes, I will admit originally we wanted 5, but they were all close in age, and I thought the parents were brave (a.k.a. slightly nuts, God bless them).  

After mass we rushed home and walked and got food to cook.  We sat outside and barbecued bratwurst while we had a huge fire in the outdoor fireplace.  We sat for hours just talking about life and burning wood.  I might have even amused myself by taking the hot poker to an old plastic rake that we are sending to the trash (it was partially broken).  Not that I like to play with fire or anything.  In my defense I was raised partially by a firefighter who is the definition of you have to love fire to be a good firefighter.  I even have a professional guide to fire eating, but am slightly too chicken to try it.  

So here are some pictures of the weekend, including us burning a yellow pages that we didn't need, which I sarcastically said was a representation of how businesses are doing in the crappy economic times.  I'm a genius, I know.  

Here we are leaving our home.  Our favorite number is 5, so you would think getting this address would have been a good thing.  Eh.

Here we are at Cafe Rouge having some citron presses....

Too bad I don't think the lemon juice was fresh squeezed and so I think we were highly overcharged for what was esentially lemon juice and tap water.  It won't be happening again.

Outside the abbey gate.  So many pretty flower beds.

And finally here is G drinking a homemade citron presse today which I squeezed lemons for (a whole lemon per glass) and added spakling water.  It was really refreshing.

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