Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life Happenings

Lately G and I have been working out a bit.  Yesterday morning we went for a run on the treadmills because it was raining out.  And all this exercise has made us very hungry people.  So, I've turned to a version of the English breakfast.....tea, toast, eggs, mushrooms, and baked beans.  Mmmm!
Monday night G and I woke up and went to see Angels and Demons.  I have to say that the movie was fine, if you are not like me and have read the book a few times.  Some of the story was changed for length I am sure, but other points simply did not make sense.  For instance, the person made Pope in the end was not the same as the book, for no apparent reason.  But overall, I enjoyed it.  It had the ever yummy Tom Hanks looking better than he did in The Da Vinci Code, and Ewan McGregor.  Also had Stellan Starsgard, who is always a good actor to watch.  The lead woman was not as prominently featured in this film as she was in the book, but that's quite alright.  

Life is in an upheaval right now.  Unfortunately we're waiting on some decisions to be made about our future, but I will let everyone know once we've found out.  We're busy packing for the move and taking Sophie on long walks.  On the last one we had tea outside while Sophie got angry by the swans who were fighting nearby.  We also saw the cutest little sight in the world....

It's been very exciting because she has officially put two and two together to realize that getting in the car equals her getting to go somewhere, so no longer do we have to pick her up and push her in the car.  She gets in, and sticks her nose out to catch smells.  Cute as a button, eh?

Isn't her tongue hilarious? It's a good long one that she constantly is sticking out!

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