Sunday, May 24, 2009


That's the sentiment of the weekend.  Blah.  We went to the Continental Market, which was lovely, but more plants and flowers than anything.  We stopped in to have escargot because it was National Escargot Day, but ended up canceling our order when I started to feel unwell.  

And then we went to browse at the store we bought G's jacket at, to discover that now the jackets are 25% off, so I have to e-mail the headquarters about it, since before we bought it we specifically asked if there was any sales coming up, but the sales assistant told us no, not until late fall, and that even if there were ones before then, the jacket was brand new and would not go on sale any earlier.  A week later, the sale started, literally a week.  So now, to say the least I'm annoyed.  And I hate having to deal with crap like this.

Tomorrow we might be seeing Angels and Demons, so I am whoa excited about that!  Has anyone seen it yet?  Do tell!


  1. Enjoy Angels and Demons but be prepared - they leave out huge chunks of the story!

  2. It was all action and suspence all the way! Enjoyed it.

  3. It leaves out some points and connections in the book, but you can see they do it to make it a better story film-wise. It is a little disappointing if you are a fan of the books, but doesn't really detract from enjoying it, at all.

    The scenery was what made it for me - having been to Rome and seen all these places, it was fabulous to see them again in context of the story - loved that! I hope you enjoy!