Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Wind

When I recently had a discussion with a friend, I finally opened up and vented a little.  Then, being me, I apologized for venting.  But then he apologized because he said he felt bad that he never really asks if everything is okay with me.  That he always assumes my life is amazing.  That I am this great woman he knows who he envies because I just love life.  

It made me sit back and think, I do love life.  I love the sun shining on my face while we drive in the car.  I love snuggling under the covers and waiting for my husband to come home and snuggle in with me.  I love trying new things, and exploring new places.  I always say Life is Too Short for _____.  Because it is.  Life is temporary, transitional, and like a fire.  Right now I am a great big blaze, but eventually I'll begin to die down, so I'm not wasting this time.

So yes, lately, life has been challenging.  Lately my life has made me want to crawl into a dark spot and hide until the sun is shining more.  But that isn't me.  I face things.  I deal with them.  And I see the positive in every situation.  There is a possibility that Sophie is going to have to go home a couple months before we do, and I've been horribly sad and worried.  Worried because when I left for 2 weeks on the cruise she kinda quit eating.  But I know my family will spoil her rotten, and it will give G and me an opportunity to travel, even locally.  Because, before, we couldn't even stay overnight in London, because we needed to come home for Sophie.  So there really is an upside to everything.  A silver lining, if you will.  

Life is good, when you look for the good in it.  


  1. I agree completely there is ALWAYS an upside just sometimes you have to look a little harder for it :D

  2. Its all about perspective isnt it. But the problem is that its not so easy to always see the positive!