Thursday, May 21, 2009

Manners Missing

So, this week seems to be the week of rants.  I apologize ahead of time if my tone comes across as too snarky, but eh, that's life right now.

I had plans to go to tea with a friend today.  It was to welcome a new wife to the area, and so even though we are on nights, and normally I would be sleeping at 1 in the afternoon (imagine being asked to be somewhere at 1 in the morning on a normal day), I got all prettified to go out.  I didn't take a pic, but plan on wearing it out to the museum tomorrow since I was in the outfit less than 2 hours.  Why was I in it for so little you may ask?  Well let me share my day.

Because we are on nights, the night before I asked the friend if she could pick me up so that G could stay in bed.  No problem, she said.  I double checked the 1 p.m. time.  Still the same.  So I get prettified, and then I sit and watch the rest of Make Me A Supermodel because what else is there to do?  It's close to 1, but I know she tends to run a little behind, I've gotten used to that.  However, by 1:20, I assume she has had a blonde moment (these happen with her) and she forgot to pick me up.  I'm not offended, she's moving the same time we are, so we're all a little discombobulated.  No worries.  But G says that he'll leave a note on the door saying we went on to the tea room, and he'll go with me to wait in case she really is running this late.  We tried calling her home, she wasn't there.  And her cell was off.  

So we arrive at the tea room at 1:30, and no one is there.  I decide that I'm fuming, so I can either leave and not show up, or G and I can order and hope she shows up soon.  We order (I have amazing parsnip soup) and we drink our Earl Grey.  Garret comments that I have a very cold look on my face.  Good, I think, as I realize it's 1:45.  We finish up and leave at 2:20.  At this point we have just seen her vehicle drive past the tea room, and I make the quick decision that if I see her, I'm going to verbally berate her, so it's best for us to make a quick exit.  Not necessarily my most mature moment, perhaps I should have waited to talk it out, but with a new woman going to be with her, I thought it was best to wait for a better time.  Because as I told G, over an hour late is not late, it's ridiculously rude.  It says to the other people that you consider your time more valuable than anyone else's time .  And in this instance, me having gotten up after 2 hours of sleep and gotten all dressed up, well, I consider my time pretty damn valuable!

On the way home I tell Garret that hopefully she tried calling at some point and left a message apologizing for running so late.  Unfortunately, not the case.  Instead I get a snarky message about how she's at the front gate and I'm not answering, she doesn't know what's up with that and okay, bye.  I am literally frozen with shock.  We didn't leave the house until right before 1:30, didn't see her on the way out, so I am estimating the call didn't come in before 1:45.  Forty five minutes after we were supposed to be at the tea room!

Now I am left with the conundrum of how to deal with this.  I've never been stood up in my life, and she's apparently in the mind set that I was the rude one who didn't follow through with plans.  But honestly, she didn't even drive past the damn tea room until it was an hour and 20 minutes after she had told me we were supposed to meet there.  I tried calling her more than once, to no avail.  So now, I am pretty annoyed to put it nicely.  What on earth do I say to her?  Because I know what I want to say (basically implying her mother raised her very wrongly and she's presumptuous to think her time is more important than mine) will probably only begin a nice yelling match.  The only other thing I can think to do is give her the cold shoulder for a bit.  Any advice?  


  1. Hmmm....I might order another bowl of parsnip soup and let it cool and then pour it on her head. Is that excessive? Well, if so, then I would calmly and cooly recount for her the time you left and when you saw her and see what she has to say.p.s. Garrett is a sweety.

  2. That's a toughie, especially because you live in the 'goldfish bowl' of a military community - you don't know when you'll come across her again and you should never burn bridges. I would take the high road and calmly let her know what happened from your perspective. You never know, she might apologize. If not, THEN you can order that bowl of soup ....