Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two Bottles Later....

(Before we went out.  I tried doing something new with my hair, curling waves into parts of it to make it messier, and G graciously took a pic......he's so hard to talk into that, you know.)

So last night we got together with a friend at a wine bar.  We ordered a bottle of a French red (I'm in bed, the bottle is downstairs, so I don't remember the type, but the vineyard is Chateauneuf du Pape).  Amusement ensued as I caught Nancy staring off behind me as I was chatting, and I finally asked what was up.  She kinda made a gesture so I casually turned and there was this couple on one of the couches completely like making out.  Not hard core making out like teenagers, mind you, but little nibbles, eyes closed, hand grazing the throat making out.  The kind that makes you think any second they'll be naked.  I should have taken a pic.  I leaned over, grabbed G, and considered competing, if we had been alone.  
(This is my gorgeous engagement ring that I like to wear on my right hand a lot, I just explain that it's more European, because that seems to annoy people, but in truth, my hands get cold, my fingers get small, and the rings start rotating around like crazy so I separate them like a mom with kids smacking each other in the back seat.)

(Best. Husband. Ever.  He lets me take pics, blinding him with the flash while he drives. And he doesn't kill us in the process.  My hero.)

( I might have been cracking myself up with crazy dance moves.  It happens.)

But the main interest for me at the bar (other than the excellent company) was this painting that hung right in front of us.  I decided it was 4 people, at first I thought it was 4 women, but then decided it was 2 men, 2 women alternating.  The last lady has a flower in her hair, but the first man?  Oh God he creeped me out the more I drank!  Notice the Lord of the Rings-esque cyclops eye.  In the end I was fairly convinced it was staring me down.  

After we left there we walked back, in the rain, to Nancy's apartment where we continued to get giggly.  We danced to Flo-rida's "Low,"  drank a bottle of blackberry wine, cooked steaks and mushroom pasta, and overall had a good time.  At one point we women were changed into leather renaissance-fayre tops.  I am pretty sure G was considering getting me one because I looked hot.  Then it was late, she had a white water rafting trip today and we're on nights, but were exhausted and needed to get home to our own bed.  Now I'm lying here really wishing I had an IV to hydrate, because I'm thirsty as all get out.  Serves me right.

*Update* I am feeling quite a bit better.  Ate some yummy junk food, finished the season of Grey's Anatomy, and oh my God!  Seriously, I think G was getting annoyed because I kept pausing it to shout things like "Holy Shit, it's George!" right before you see him join up, and I was there gasping, covering my mouth right before Meredith started freaking out about John Doe.  I keep telling myself it's just a t.v. drama, but I love the characters, so it's hard.  It makes my blood pressure skyrocket.  

On another note, I think we might be seeing Star Trek tonight if my headache goes away.  I should point out that I have absolutely no interest in seeing this movie, and G even said if I didn't want to go, we didn't have to go.  But he wants to.  Bad.  So I'm being the good wife and going.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll be like the date I took my daddy on a few years ago to see Star Wars Episode Whatever and I'll not dis-like it.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  But let this be a lesson to all of you out there, if you marry a nerd, you will have to sometimes do nerd things.

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  1. I sqw Star Trek with my trekky husband yesterday and I have to say that I loved it. Seriously.
    Love your blog btw...