Friday, May 15, 2009

Update on Staring Contest

spaceball.gifI totally won today's round.  Promptly after I finished the last post and I pulled the Bridget Jones move, my husband woke up and tried to take me to coffee.  Unfortunately for us, traffic was at a crawl, so we ended up just grabbing Indian food and having floater coffees to finish.  Yumminess ensued. 

Now we're getting ready (trying desperately to give my heavy hair some body) to go meet a friend for a glass of wine at a little wine bar/restaurant in Bury.  I am standing in the bathroom fixing my eyeliner when G and I get into our usual "I love you more" debate.  His response?  "I love you more than all the bricks in the yellow brick road."  He's so cute I almost want to start singing The Lollipop Guild song.  But I am not ready to be welcomed to munchkin land!

And that folks, is my life.  Seriously, it would be uber cute if this was random, but it's such a normal occurrence for G to say something like that, so I usually don't remember it long enough to blog it.  But tonight I was prepared!

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