Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Four Day To Do

  1. Get caught up on laundry. (this may take all day)
  2. Pack up books, making a list on the computer of all of them.
  3. Pack up clothing that is not going on the plane with us.
  4. Pack up kitchen items not in regular use. (I packed up the waffle iron last month, and we just do pancakes now)
  5. Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors.
  6. Clean bathroom.
  7. Take clothing to the charity shop.
  8. Go to market and enjoy a butterscotch ice cream cone.
  9. Brush Sophie out. Repeat. Wash and repeat. (she's got more hair than any other dog I've ever known.)
  10. Polish silver and pack away.
  11. Dust furniture.
  12. Watch the last 2 HP movies in preparation for next month's big event!
  13. Look into flights to get back to our hometown.
  14. Bake some French bread.
This is quite the list, but G will be home for 4 days so we should be able to knock a lot of this out quickly. I already did quite a bit of organizing and clothing management (hanging things up, putting things in bags to donate) this afternoon while watching You've Got Mail. I just love the end when Meg Ryan's character sees Tom Hanks' character and says
"I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly."
Oh how I know the feeling! In my case I chose to date G knowing that the last time I had seen him 7 months before I still hadn't been attracted to him. So I wanted so badly for it to just spark between us when he came home that summer, and lucky me....it did!


  1. Thanks for the pancake advise. That is really what I try to do, but for some reason they always come out blacker than I would like. Maybe it is my pan. Yeah, I'm blame it on the pan :)


  2. WoW!! That is an impressive list:) Happy day to you, I hope you get lots done. I have a lot to do today too:)